Travel Day

Welcome friends to the TTV blog. We hope you are looking forward to the venturers’ news. After a crazy early start for us in Swindon, leaving for Heathrow T2 at 2am, we glided seamlessly to our first rendez vous and met the last of the young venturers at the check in. Counting 15 travellers was a patient person’s task. Fun and games were had getting through security and finally we relaxed before taking the first plane to Brussels. Thankfully all flights were on time and we found our way across Brussels airport to our long haul flight to Banjul. Comments were: ‘Babies were playing tag on the plane.’ ‘Is that John Lennon ?’

A blast of 38’C heat met us as we descended the plane to passport control. After lots of queuing, the weary travellers were escorted by Omer and bus to the Gunjur Project Lodge. Dusk was rapidly upon us as the bus weaved its way through the traffic and goats to the Lodge. Jenny welcomed us with a cool, sweet drink and fish Yassa. We immediately felt relaxed but ready for bed. Friends, its good night from us all and see you for the first day of Gunjur adventure tomorrow.
Further comments are:

‘I can’t believe I’ve made it here. ‘ It was my birthday today and what a way to spend it flying over the Sahara.’ ‘Fruit melted all the pain away.’ ‘The wildlife and lovely animals are my highlight.’