Thriving Through Venture provides volunteer programmes for young people in the UK that stimulate positive shifts in their mindset.
The young people develop transferable practical and vocational skills, at the same time as having a positive impact on their local communities and other communities in developing countries.

TTV Objectives

Thriving Through Venture has three distinct objectives.

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TTV Values

Mental Well Being is nurtured through both practical experiences and involvement with others.

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TTV Evaluation

Each year’s programme will be formally evaluated in terms of the impact it has on participants

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'For tomorrow belongs to the people
who prepare for it today'

African proverb.


Thriving Through Venture has three distinct objectives

  • To provide Thriving Through Venture well being volunteer programmes for young people, that in particular provide a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose which are critical for good mental health wellbeing.
  • To conduct formal academic research that informs ways of improving the lives of young people, and the type of support to help young people find their chosen place in their adult world.
  • To roll out the programme model to other UK communities, using the link between them and their linked international communities.


Thriving Through Venture's core values are:

  • Having a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging/connectedness are core to good mental wellbeing
  • Interest in one another to help each individual realise their own potential, is part of the above
  • Mental wellbeing is nurtured through both practical experiences and connectedness with others
  • Interest and value for the economic wellbeing and the mental wellbeing of communities both locally and more further afield, come from equal opportunities, collaboration and education.


Thriving Through Venture evaluation and follow up:



We must help our young people prepare for their future so it is purposeful to them and gives them a sense of belonging that fits their values