Day 3

We woke up and had breakfast at 8am. After that we went to the Abuko nature reserve where we saw some awsome monkeys and depressed caged Hiyenas. After that we went to the Lamin lodge for a quick packed lunch and a great view. After that we went to the market to grab Djembe drums, jewelery, woodwork and fabric for the tailor! Bargaining was fun aswell.

Today we visited Abuko nature reserve. We saw various wild animals such a red and grey monkeys with birds such as kingfishers. We fed the monkeys bananas and apples who were very interested in us and even got a glimpse of newborn hanging onto its mother!
Then, we saw the hyenas and the keeper offered to let us come into the den however we didn’t do that as we didn’t want to get eaten.
We visited a nature reserve where we witnessed how animals are kept in Gambia. We walked along and saw the monkeys in cages however there was one lonely monkey sat on the edge of a solitary cage. You could see the pain in its eyes, so through the cage, we held its hand.

We were at the market, they had real Gucci and Hilfigure and similar brands. As we were heading back to the bus a weird red man came up to us holding machetes…
He clanged his machetes at us but his ‘friend’ ensured us that he is ‘not gonna hurt’ us… whatever you say mate… Apparently this red man takes boys into the woods for 24HRS when they’re 13, if they can make it 24HRS in the wild they become men.