Day 7- Travelling Home

Greetings from the land of adventure. This is our last day and we are feeling a mixture of emotions: a combination of excited to be going home and wishing we could stay. To ensure we made the most of our final morning, a group of us visited the Sand Mosque for the last time to see the prayers. In fact a couple of us were invited to an independent prayer room to join for a few moments; this was very moving. Some of us took the jeep back to the lodge and some drifted back through the village fully immersed in the fish smoking activities.

The rest of the morning was chilled and/or target interviews. The general feedback from the group was that we all had a FANTASTIC time. Travel times and plans went according to plan and with little excitement we navigated the airports and landed safely in Heathrow the following morning. Whoop whoop to Team TTV and the new ambassadors. Well done all!