Day 1

We started with meeting out Gambian partners!! Everyone was really friendly and talkative and this extended to the people living in the Gunjur village. We were able to have the opportunity to speak to the leaders of the village. Namsimba spoke about wanting old and young, men and women coming together in peace and we felt she really lived her ideals. We also loved interacting with the children there, we made each other laugh and they didn’t care who were or why we were here. They were very open to any interaction, games. They loved the cameras.

We then went to the beach where the fishing industry was (the evening catch, with the boats coming in.) It was busy and chaotic, so many people doing so many different things but it flowed. One tiny piece of beach full of people, all in sync. We had mixed opinions on the beach, serveral of us felt like this wasn’t something we would do again although it was a very real experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the collection, process and storage of the fish. A unique experience that was really enlightening. By Summer