Careers and The Future

Help With Future Careers

All our TTV volunteers will have the opportunity to visit the British Embassy in Banjul during their visit to the Gambia, providing them with an introduction to a possible career path in diplomacy and foreign relations. They will also visit an Eco Hotel in Gunjur to hear about eco tourism – another potential career path. And they will gain further insight into international development work during their visit to Gunjur through our partnership with TARUD (Trust Agency for Rural Development), the NGO in Gunjur delivering local development projects.


In the UK, they will be meeting Fair-trade representatives within the Community learning about the challenges of Fair Trade commerce within the UK setting.  They will also be introduced to business processes through the mango business project, international development work in the UK, professional photography and writing professionally through the experience and expertise of the delivery team: Colin Heber Percy, Hilary Stock, Allison Burden, Caro Strover and Dr Mick Maurice

Phase One

Phase one is all about getting to know our program and philosophy

Phase Two

Cultivating confidence and interest with real life projects is the second phase 

Phase Three

Being introduced to different career paths is third through visits to The British Embassy in Banjul, an Eco Hotel in Gunjur, and through networking with new people with the confidence to make opportunities arise

Testimonials from our TTV Volunteers

TTV is giving me a different way of seeing things.  I am so looking forward to  the second stage of the TTV project.


TTV has given me a the feeling that suddenly my life has a purpose.  I am gaining confidence and learning so much. 


The TTV program is offering me new opportunities to succeed in my life, for which I will be eternally grateful. 


There are many programs out there, but not all are very effective. We have compared these to our own TTV program and the numbers speak for them selves. 

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