Day 13

Day 13 – Drumming workshop and party!

Updated: Aug 29

Our final full day: our Gambian partners came to the Gunjur Lodge for lunch, for a drumming workshop guided by Butch our host at the Gunjur Project Lodge, followed by swimming and finishing off remaining piece of the projects.And then to the party! Many of us dressed up in some fabulous clothes we had either had made or that had been given to us by our new, wonderful friends. It was an evening of dancing, sharing and eating the delicious creations cooked by Ousman, who has been creating the lunches through the fortnight when we at the TARUD building in the centre of Gunjur.

The evening demonstrated our new found and beautiful friendships that we have made over this fortnight. We have all learned so much about community, about Gunjur daily life and culture. The friendship, generosity and kindness and the full recognition that these can so easily be found across race, culture, gender and religion has been heart lifting.

We return to the UK with an appreciation of what we can take for granted, whether it is a hot shower, electricity at the click of a switch, or the opportunity provided by the education that we may sometimes complain about and not fully appreciate, or the love of our families and our friends.

And in addition, in this very different environment far from home we have realised the value of being the ‘explorer’ within ourself, recognising the adaptability and strength that lies therein.

We have some events coming up and we would love you to celebrate with us, the process and results of what the TTV 2019 UK team have achieved through their photography, performance and research projects on ‘Identity and Migration’ through the year, both in the UK and in Gunjur.

The dates are:

15th September: The story of the Performance, ‘Who’s there? Journeys in search of identity’

Refreshments and Exhibition at 6:30, followed by the Performance at 7:30

At the Ellis Theatre, Marlborough College

Free entry with retiring collection

8th October: Our TTV UK young people will share with you their experience, their challenges and their achievements from this year’s programme.

At the Marlborough Town Hall, The Assembly Room at 7:30.

Free entry with retiring collection.

We hope to see many of you there. In order to gauge numbers, we would be very grateful if you could please let Caro know if you intend to come to these events, by emailing